Here’s What You Should Know about Vista Proppants and Logistics

Welcome to this online space about Vista Proppants and Logistics (VPROP). If you are seeing this name for the very first time, Vista Proppants and Logistics is one of the leading in-basic providers of frac sand solutions for the oil and gas industry. Over the past few years, VPROP has emerged as the premier Texas frac sand provider, and is actually the largest supplier of frac sand mined in Texas, as measured by produced tonnage per year. Every ton of frac sand that VPROP sells is mined in Texas.

As you probably know, this is important because oil and gas companies in the prolific producing regions in Texas and Oklahoma are looking for cost-effective frac sand solutions. Vista Proppants and Logistics negates the need for oil and gas companies to seek high-quality sand mined in northern states like Illinois and Wisconsin. Obviously, these mines are very far away, making transportation very difficult and very costly.

VPROP is a regional provider that can significantly reduce the costs associated with transporting frac sand. It has a vertically integrated logistics network of 11 transload terminals and a fleet of 110 “last mile” transport vehicles to ensure its frac sand gets to most oil and gas regions in the United States, including the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale, and SCOOP/STACK. Its mines are located near multiple rail lines and its sustainable water and power sources ensure flexible and affordable frac sand solutions.

Regarding the frac sand itself, Vista Proppants and Logistics markets its sand as “Texas Premium White.” “Texas Premium White” is highly comparable to the frac sand mined in those aforementioned northern mines, which is important as oil and gas companies do not want to sacrifice quality to reduce logistics costs. “Texas Premium White” possesses the highest crush strength in Texas and is fit for use in almost any well in the state.  In all, Vista Proppants and Logistics produces high-quality, fine grade 40/70, 100 mesh, and 200 mesh sand. The frac sand meets industry requirements and customers’ needs for a large market of wells.

This is just a general overview of Vista Proppants and Logistics. If you want to know more about what is going on at VPROP or have questions about where the Texas oil industry is heading, we encourage you to come back as often as you can to catch the latest blog posts.